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The most important part of your relocation is to find a perfect house/apartment. That is why it is important to have as much information about what is actually possible to be found on the market.


Although the standard is increasing every year and as you will find out, prices already reach western standard, not all houses are air conditioned and dryer is not considered to be the automatic part of the furnished property. On the other hand,  landlords are very flexible and additional equipment just like internet connection, satellite, cleaning lady, gardener are easily to be arranged.
New houses and apartments are being built in all areas and the old ones are being remodelled.


Where to live
We already mentioned earlier that Bratislava is split into 5 districts. As it is not too large you should not be worried about having to live too far from work or school. Driving from one end to the other will take you 30 minutes (of course if there is no major traffic). Most popular areas for expatriates are Stare Mesto, Koliba, Horsky Park, Slavin (all of them mostly in Bratislava I), areas around international schools are interesting as well and you will find them in the western part of the town. Small towns closely neighbouring Bratislava such as Devinska Nova Ves, Zahorska Bystrica or Svaty Jur are also nice as there is a lot of new houses being built.


Families with children – attending one of the international schools – ideal place to search is Bratislava IV. – Karlova Ves, Dubravka just as well as Devin and Devinska Nova Ves. Driving to school would be minimum and some houses are to be found even in a walking distance from the school. You should though not be concerned if you are unable to find something close by as schools arrange bus pickups and they can pick up your child from any location within or outside Bratislava.


Singles – most single foreigners prefer to live either in the very centre – Old Town area, as everything is in walking distance, you need your car only in case you need to do some major shopping or you would like to go out for the weekend. Parking is not easy to find but almost in all cases can be arranged.


Safety: Bratislava is a very safe place to live. Crime rate is low and walking out in the evening is not dangerous. As far as one behaves sensibly nothing should happen. Within the town there is not a specific area we would not recommend you to go to because of the safety issues. There are some places that do not look particularly good but they are certainly not unsafe.

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