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In case you need to fly you are no longer limited to use only Schwechat airport in Vienna. Bratislava Airport - Letisko M.R. Stefanika is becoming busier and there are regular  flights with Lufthansa, SkyEurope or Ryanair to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Paris, Zurich, Munich. Brussels and many other destinations.


Driving around
As far as you do not exceed 130 km/h speed limit on the highway and 50 in the village you will be safe. We have zero alcohol tolerance so you may get in trouble for drinking the glass of wine with your lunch.
Navigating within Bratislava will be a little bit difficult at the beginning, because of  large number of one way roads within the centre. Once you learn your way around it will be quite easy.
Parking is a real problem in the centre in case you do not decide to park in the parking house or underground garage on the other hand these always have plenty of free parking spots.
You can use your international driver’s license here. As far as your national license is valid this will be sufficient for the first 180 days. After that you will have 60 days to exchange your license for a Slovak one. If you come from EU member states you can use your license with no limitations.


Public transportation
You can take bus, tram, trolleybus, but there is no subway in our capital. The most convenient are trams as they never get stuck in the traffic. Mass transportation is very reliable and something major must happen for buses to run late. There are regular connections all day long finishing at 11 p.m. and there are even night lines running twice a night. Using mass transportation is safe just like in any other European city.


There is only one simple rule that will ensure you taking the safe, reliable and cheap Taxi - always call the service by phone. When you simply hail a taxi cab on a street or pick one up at a Taxi stand it is always more expensive.
Expect to pay between 1 EUR – 1,65 EUR as a start fee and around 0,80 EUR for every kilometer. Within the town centre the prices range from 3 EUR to 7 EUR and around 15 EUR from Airport to the centre for the taxis ordered by phone.
It is customary but not required to leave taxi drivers a small tip - usually by rounding up to the nearest whole number. Drivers may accept foreign currency, but at a significant surcharge. It is usually both cheaper and easier to pay in EUR.
Please, be aware that you might sometimes find it difficult to find an English speaking operator. Here are some telephone numbers of reliable Taxi services:
- Yellow Taxi - +421 (0)2 4444-1111
- FUN Taxi – +421 (0)2 16777
- Euro Taxi – +421 (0)2 16022
- Taxi Trend - +421 2 5564 2137

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