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Slovakia has become member of the EURO zone in 2009
(the Fixed Conversion Exchange rate was 1 EUR = 30,126 SKK)


How much is a….
For better orientation in prices here is a list of the most frequent products families usually buy. Payment in supermarkets can be done by credit card or in cash. Please note, that most of the supermarkets still give out plastic bags for free, but there are some that charge.

Item                                              Quantity          EUR
Milk (mlieko)                                          1l                   0,93 €
Bread (chlieb, pečivo)                           800g             1,06 €
Eggs (vajcia)                                         10 pieces      1,26 €
Ham (Å¡unka)                                          1kg               6,64 €
Rice (ryža)                                             1kg               1,59 €
Pasta (cestoviny)                                  425g             2,06 €
Mineral Water (minerálka)                     0,5l               0,60 €
Orange Juice (pomarančový džús)        1l                 1,63 €
Tea (čaj)                                                25 bags        1,99 €
Bananas (banány)                                 1 kg              1,53 €
Apples (jablká)                                       1kg               0,73 €
Potatoes (zemiaky)                                1kg               0,46 €
Onions (cibuľa)                                      1kg                0,43 €
Lettuce (Å¡alát)                                       1kg                0,66 €
Tomatoes (paradajky, rajčiny)              1kg                1,66 €
Chicken Breasts (kuracie prsia)             1kg                5,61 €
Beef (hovädzie)                                     1kg                5,97 €
Sausages (klobásky)                              1kg                5,31 €
Salmon (losos)                                       1kg               11,95 €
Sparkling wine (Å¡ampanské)                  1kg                 3,85 €
White Wine (biele víno)                          0,75l              3,65 €
Beer (pivo – Zlatý Bažant)                     0,5l                0,63 €
Vodka (Absolut)                                      0,7l             15,90 €
Whisky (Jameson)                                  0,7l              21,58 €
Soap (mydlo)                                          1 piece           1,00 €
Toothpaste (zubná pasta)                     1 piece           1,86 €
Tissues (papierové vreckovky)             100 pieces      0,93 €

Plastic Money
Most common cards are VISA, MasterCard, EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Electron. In case you have American Express there will be only few places where you will be able to use it.
Paying with card is now possible almost everywhere although the small shops as groceries, newsagents and post offices do not always accept them. There is plenty of ATMs so whenever you cannot pay with a card there is always possibility to withdraw cash from a nearby ATM.


In case you do not speak Slovak it does not mean you will not be able to do your bank transactions. Many banks have most of the documentation and internet banking bilingual and you should always be able to find somebody at the local branch that can help you in English or German.

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