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Social Life
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Social Life

International Women’s Club of Bratislava (IWCB)
The best way to meet others is to join the IWCB and come for their Tuesday morning coffee that takes place every week at 10.00 a.m. at Hotel Crowne Plaza. The club has currently over 200 members and has many activities – so you can volunteer in organizing e.g. Christmas or Summer Bazaar or you can meet other mothers with children at regular playgroups.


Bratislava Accueil

French Club launched its activity in November 2004 and its member base is growing. Every Thursday morning ladies meet for the coffee at 11 a.m. in the Hotel Danube.

American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham)

It is  not really important whether your company is or is not a member as you can join their activities anyway. Members' tickets for social events are though less expensive so there are certainly many advantages resulting from the membership.
AmCham organizes regular business cocktails but also such social events as Thanksgiving dinner, Independence Day celebration and these events are very casual, family friendly and extremely popular for foreigners.


Your embassy
Remember that it is always good to be in touch with the embassy of your country in case you are abroad. Sometimes they have special information or events that you could be interested in.

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