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Whatever sport you do you can almost certainly continue with it once you move to Slovakia. Of course we have no sea or the ocean so you will be a  bit limited in case you like surfing but everything else is here.

Fitness centre – most popular ones and newly equipped are Golem (in Aupark shopping centre) and InPuls (in National Tennis Centre). There are fitness centres for women only as well and along with a personal trainer they offer care for your children while you exercise.


Tennis and Squash – the best place to go is the National Tennis Centre, the facility is brand new and except indoor tennis court and squash court there is a hairdresser, tennis shop and a restaurant.


Swimming – There is not a brand new indoor swimming pool, the old ones though are being kept in good condition. In case you like swimming and sauna you can also try Hotel Danube facility on the roof of the hotel. During the summer there are also several open air swimming pools or lakes.


Running and Rollerblading – there are several parks (Horsky Park, Park Janka Krala)  in Bratislava for running and on both banks of the Danube there is a track for cycling, running and rollerblading.
Skiing possibilities close to Bratislava are a bit limited but in case you would be willing to travel to north of the country and visit High and Low Tatras you will definitely enjoy it. Many people go skiing to Alps in Austria so the closest destination would be 1,5 hour driving.


Hiking and Climbing – around Bratislava and within Bratislava there are several beautiful areas e.g. Small Carpathians where you can go for short or all day hikes. In case you are into climbing – there are indoor climbing walls or in the summer outside artificial walls.


Horse Riding – in the premises of TJ Slavia you can get horse riding lessons or even stable your horse there in case you would be bringing it with you.

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