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Shopping in Bratislava
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Shopping in Bratislava

Bratislava is a city where you can certainly enjoy your shopping. Stores have long opening hours and shopping centers are also open over weekends as well as on holidays. As in other towns, you can get wide range of products of world brands as well as typical Slovak products too. While the historic old town combines the most expensive international boutiques with tourist oriented souvenir shops, Slovaks usually spend more time in shopping centers offering different shops and facilities at one place. 

There are currently several shopping centers in Bratislava. Here is some information about the major ones. They are all quite large and in addition to the regular shopping facilities they include restaurants, florists, cleaning services, gyms, bowling, snooker and cinemas.

POLUS CITY CENTER www.poluscitycenter.sk
Shopping center with cinemas and Carrefour hypermarcet located in Bratislava II. at Vajnorská cesta 100. Shops are open from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m.  Palace cinemas offer movies starting as late as 10:00 p.m. (reservation online at www.palacecinemas.sk). There is also a 24 Self Video rental. Parking is free during weekends and for less than 3 hours during regular work days.

AUPARK www.aupark.sk
One of the biggest shopping centers in Bratislava is located at Einsteinova ulica just on the other bank of the river Danube from the old town. Shops are open from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m., on Sat and Sun from 9.am till 9 p.m. There is also supermarket Terno opened every day from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. AuPark, just as Polus City center has Palace Cinemas (reservation online at www.palacecinemas.sk); Bowling (Brunswick Bowling, reservations at 02/68266454), Snooker and Billiard (reservation at 02/68266454), Fitness Centre Golem – which is very popular  and it is open 7 days a week until 10 p.m.(www.golemclub.sk), and 24 hrs video rental.

AVION  www.avion.sk
A great shopping centre located in Bratislava II at Ivánska cesta, on the way to Bratislava airport. Shops are open every day from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m. Hypernova supermarket is open every day from 8 a.m. till 9 p.m. There is an ice skating rink opened for public on the premises of shopping centre.

PALACE www.shoppingpalace.sk
A shopping park located in Bratislava II at Cesta na Senec. It is the newest shopping centre joined with hypermarket Tesco. Opening hours are from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m., shops are open 7 days a week.


(a British chain of stores)
- Good choice in drugstore products and canned goods
Panónska cesta in Petržalka; Kamenné námestie in the city center;Shopping park Palace; Lamačská cesta, on the way to Brno; open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Carrefour (French hypermarket chain)
- Good quality of bakery products, fish and meat
Petržalka, Panónska cesta and in Polus city centre

HYPERNOVA (Czech hypermarket chain)
Avion shopping centre

BILLA (an Austrian chain of stores)
- Good choice of freshly made bakery products and delicatessen
Bajkalská street; Kazanská street; Segnerová street; Saratovská street; Rustaveliho street
Záhradnícka street; Novelovo námestie; Muchovo námestie; Ludovíta Fullu; Hodžovo námestie in Tatracentrum

- Good quality of fruits and vegetable
Aupark in Petržalka; Bratská 3, nearby TESCO


Great selection of bio-products including fresh vegetable and fruit, diary products, sweets, rolls and bread, sugar-free cakes. The shop is located in Aupark shopping centre.

Zrnko - biopotraviny
Wholegrain pasta, soya products, natural vinegars, bio oils, sugar-free sweets, wide range of sweeteners, eco cleaning products, located on Mikulášska street 29 (under the Bratislava castle)

Natura - Bioplus
Shop with healthy food products from the eco agriculture: natural sweeteners, cereals, sweets, tea, cosmetics, etc. located at Baštová 2, Bratislava.
 E- shops:
www.wineshop.sk nice selection of Slovak and world wines straight to your door (web site available also in English)
www.orientfood.sk various kinds of spices, sauces, bio-products, etc. (web site available in Slovak only)
www.mojadieta.sk healthy foods store, possible to choose food according to your diet


Casa Del Caffé
Dunajská 29; Specialist in freshly roasted coffee, great choice of different kinds of tea, Italian coffee machines, porcelain

Coffee and Tea
Pekná cesta 3; Around 60 kinds of tea, wide range of coffee beans, freshly roasted green coffee beans, tasting, accessories – ceramics, porcelain, teapots, presents, etc.


Panta Rhei
Wide range of different books, maps, CDs, DVDs. Shops are located in all major shopping centers (Aupark, Poluc, Avion). In each shop there is an Internet café.

Svet knihy
The biggest book store in Slovakia, wide selection of various genres, CDs, DVDs, cafeteria. Located at Obchodná street.


The biggest online bookstore in Slovakia, recently opened their brick store in the center at Obchodna street. www.martinus.sk

The only bookshop in Bratislava specialized in books in English. Books on order directly from publishers, no shipping costs. Located at Jesenského street 5-9 (opposite Alexia Park House). www.eurobooks.sk

Next Apache
It is a cafeteria with great cozy atmosphere offering a wide selection of imported second hand books of all genres located at Panenská street. You can buy or borrow a book, enjoy a cup of coffee. Shop offers more than 2500 titles. Newspapers and magazines are also available. www.nextapache.com


Alizé Fashion House is situated in the centre of Bratislava at Hurbanovo námestie 6. Fashion house was opened in 2005 and is offering trendy pieces from famous designers like J.P. Gaultier, Givenchy, Chloé, Valentino, Jacadi, Kenzo, DKNY, etc.  Other brand shops are mostly scattered in the little streets in downtown. If you start walking from Michalská gate you can find shops like Max Mara, Valentino, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Coccinelle, etc. Some of the famous brands can be found in Peek & Cloppenburg store in Aupark and Avion.


In case you would like to go shopping for furniture there is a new furniture store opened across from Aupark called Atrium, it is a large complex of glass buildings that is hard to miss.


Very popular furniture store of simple Scandinavian style, situated close to the Avion shopping centre. www.ikea.sk

An austrain chain furniture store nearby Avion Shopping Centre. www.kika.sk

Brik Interier studio
If you fancy furniture of Italian style, Brik is the right choice. Located at Dunajská street 54. www.brik.sk 

This shop offers hand made teak furniture and decorations. Located at Dunajská street 1, opposite to the Tesco city centre.

SORAVIA Interieur
A shopping mall with 20 stores of household furnishings located at Rožnavská street 28, on the way to Senec.

R1 center of living (Centrum bývania)
A new warehouse centre of different furniture stores at Rožňavská Street, across the street from Baumax. www.merito.sk, www.maag.sk, www.ekoma.sk, www.eurosofa.sk


If you need to repair or fix anything in your house or apartment the best place to go are following DIY shops.

Baumax www.baumax.sk
Lieskovská cesta 15; Rožňavská ulica 4; Bajkalská ulica, next to Prístavný bridge, (the biggest one)

Hornbach www.hornbach.sk
Galvániho 9


This is an open air market which is held Monday to Friday from 7am till 6 pm and Saturday from 7am till 1pm. There is a large choice of fruits and vegetables, cheese, poultry and a lot of cheap clothes. Outside but close to the market, there is small fish shop called Fish and Sea specialities (Ryby a morské špeciality) at Miletičova 32.

A covered market located at Trnavské mýto, at the intersection of Trnavská and Šancová streets. Open Mo–Fr 6am to 6pm and Sat 6am to 1pm. You can find a good variety of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers.

The Old Market is located in the city centre on Nám. SNP 25 and it is a covered market.



Starožitnosti u Žofky
A small shop located at Michalská 5. www.starozitnostiuzofky.sk

Zlatý Solidus
Located at Halková 1 street. www.zlatysolidus.sk



o Muziker, Aupark, Einsteinova, www.muziker.sk
o Music shop, Medená 20
o Music shop, Mlynské Nivy 31



Don't expect the same level of service you may get in other countries. If you get home and realise you made a mistake and wish to refund the goods, you might be surprise that it is sometimes impossible. Mainly in the small shops you are offered only the exchange possibility of the goods. In some shops an exchange is only applicable if the goods are faulty. However, larger shops and chain stores, especially foreign chains, all have good exchange policies and you do not have to explain the reason of exchanging the goods.  



During the last years neighbouring Austria became very popular for many Slovaks when it comes to shopping. 30 minutes drive from Bratislava in Vienna direction will take you to to the Parndorf Designer Outlet where you can enjoy shopping in more than 60 brand stores. You can be sure to find quality goods for you and your kids for reasonable price. www.mcarthurglen.at


Further from Bratislava but only 1 hour drive is situated Vienna. The city that is a shopper‘s paradise and unless you really want a particular brand that you might get only back home, you can get everything.  There may be some differences in the type of products, but generally speaking the standard of goods is very high.  The quality of food is high due to the strict regulations and environmental laws and naturally produced food is part of the every day culinary culture. 

Shop opening hours are quite restrictive compared to many other countries but are still an improvement from previous years.  Some supermarkets stay open until 7pm but generally the only shops open in the evening and on Sundays are the petrol station shops. General opening hours are as follows: Mon - Fri 8 am – 6pm, Sat 8am – 5 pm. On Sundays every shop is closed.


Following are the most popular places for good shopping:
-     Mariahilfer strasse – main shopping street in the city centre, www.mariahilferstrasse.at
-     Shopping city süd (SCS) – the biggest shopping mall in Vienna , south of the city centre on the way to Graz, Linz , www.scs.at
- Donauzentrum (DZ) – Kagran district, behind the Vienna International Centre. www.donauzentrum.at


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