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Are RENTAL cars readily available and who are the/your preferred vendors?
Yes, there are several car rental companies located in Bratislava, we recommend international companies as Avis , Hertz, Rent a Car or Europcar.


Are there specific requirements for LEASING a car?
Requirements depend on certain leasing company, but generally company requires confirmation of income and bank account statement as a warranty and proof of residency in Slovakia.  Leasing a car in Slovakia for a physical person means that after the end of the lease the car will become theirs. There are companies that are doing also “operational leasing” where the car can be leased for limited period of let’s say 2-3 years and then returned to the leasing company – the clients of “operational leasing” limit only to legal entities.


Can you provide us with names of preferred vendors and/or major companies in your location?
Major leasing companies are BOF leasing www.bof.sk, CAC leasing www.cacleasing.sk, Business Lease Slovakia www.bl.sk, for operational leasing it is e.g. Lease Plan – www.leaseplan.sk


Is it possible/legal for a third party to set up a lease car?
Yes -  in case all documents are available order and communication can be done with the authorization from transferee to third party, but the contract must be signed in person.


Is it possible to have the lease either in the transferee’s name or the company name?
Yes, both options are possible.


Which is preferred?
The procedure of leasing a car by the company might be easier.


Are there any security issues concerning vehicles and driving?
There is always a chance that a car might be stolen so it is necessary to have a car insurance and security alarm.   The best way of car protection is to park it in a garage or secured parking lot. In past year though all the “stolen” cars of our clients ended up being just towed away for incorrect parking.


What are the requirements for obtaining drivers licenses?  How do you assist transferees with this process?
Obtaining Slovak driving license for foreigners is almost impossible, because of the test in Slovak language. Our company have not met with such a request from any client, all our clients are using their international driving licenses. EU  citizens can use there national driver license and for those transferees arriving from outside EU it is sufficient to get international driver’s license.Requirements for each country slightly vary so in case you are not certain whether your driver's license will be sufficient and for how long this information need to be verified with the Traffic Inspectorate.


What are the requirements for vehicle registration?
The procedure of car registration is quite complicated in Slovakia and it is not reasonable to go through it with a car older than 4 years because of all payments. In  general the import of car from outside EU and its registration is costly and complicated.


Do you recommend hiring a driver in your location?
We do not think it is necessary.


What is the best way to locate/hire a driver?
For a short term car rental companies should be helpful and for a long term contracts we would recommend to contact head hunting company or publish ad on the internet. We also have a company that provides limousine service and we can put the transferee in contact with this company.


What are the restrictions (if any) to a spouse/older child obtaining a drivers license?
No special restrictions – obtaining a Slovak driving license is limited to those foreigners who have permanent residence in Slovakia and are over 18 years of age.


Is public transportation reliable and safe? 
Yes, Bratislava has good public transportation system of buses, trolley buses and trams.


What is the recommended mode of transportation?
Most of our clients are using their cars or taxi service but there are many of them that use mass transportation and they are quite happy with it as well.

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