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Healthcare Requirements

Is there anything special we need to know about  requirements associated with healthcare in your location?

Slovak healthcare is quite good although public hospitals do not always look very attractive as there is not too much money in the system for their reconstruction. In general the staff is very kind and everybody is trying to be helpful. Language knowledge varies and it does not depend from whether you go to private or public hospital.
Doctors that we are recommending do speak English, German or French. They are professionals with good references from foreigners.
The emergency system is a little bit complicated as person does need to speak Slovak to call the ambulance but usually the doctors we recommend have no problems making the home calls and we are ready to pick up emergency calls of transferees.
The Slovak Constitution guarantees free health care for everybody which practically means that in case transferee  is working under the Slovak working contract and is paying to the Slovak health insurance company the doctor in public hospital will not charge anythingand as the medicaments are being subsidized he will also be charged less at the pharmacy. All of this of course happens assuming a doctor has the contract with respective health insurance company.
In case transferee comes with an international health insurance, each hospital or doctor will prepare an invoice that should be paid cash and then transferee can ask his insurance company for reimbursement.

We recommend all our EU clients to obtain European Health Insurance Card that will cover their stay in Slovakia and also all emergencies.This card is to be requested from your health insurance company in your home country.

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