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Are corporate accommodations/serviced apartments readily available? 


Or only short term leases for 3 – 6 month stay?
Short term leases can be sometimes little bit complicated because landlords like to lease their properties for at least 1 year.


Both available?


Will landlords accept a standard company lease for Short and Long Term Leases?
Yes, sometimes with small corrections e.g. payment of utilities.


Can the lease be signed out of country/overseas?
Yes, but it would prolong the whole process.


Can the lease be in either the transferee’s name or company’s name?  If not, what is the local requirement and why?
From the point of view of the landlord it is good to have the contract in company's name especially when transferee is in Slovakia for no longer than one year. Company's name guarantees that the rent will be paid. In general though there is no specific local requirement and the lease can be in either transferee’s or company’s name.


Is a diplomatic/early-out clause common practice and generally acceptable? 
According to Slovak Civil Code 3 months termination period is required. This is also used as standard in majority of Leases.


Is real estate commission standard in your location?
Yes, but our company is cooperating with real estate agencies that do not require commission from our clients.


If so, what is the normal requirement and how is this split i.e. between tenant and Landlord?
Usually commission to the real estate agent represents 1 month rent – some real estate agents charge landlord, some tenants and some of them charge both parties.


What are the rental deposit requirements (how many months rent, holding, security, bank guarantees etc.)?
Standard deposit is one month rent.


Are rental homes insured by the owner? Is this confirmed in the lease?
Yes, it is stated in the lease contract and even in cases where the contract does not specify it is generally covered by the Civil Code.


Is it easy to get insurance for personal goods/items? What are the usual terms and do you provide this information to the transferees?
It should not be a problem and we have assisted our clients at signing such contracts.


Are there other financial responsibilities to be considered: maintenance, community fees etc.?
Usually there are not.


What are the usual requirements requested of Landlords in regard to repairs i.e. 24 hour response to report of problem and 48 hours for completion of repair?
Agreement to withhold rent if not addressed in required time etc.?

The time within which the landlord should react is not usually specified in the contract but the contract states that the tenant has a right to terminate the contract immediately in case the property becomes unusable. Usually landlords have no problem dealing with repairs within 48 hours if the type of damage allows it.


Is the provision to timely repairs specified in the lease or addendum to lease documents?
Usually it is not but it is possible to include a clause that would specify it.


Are transferees usually made responsible for additional items added to the property at their request, even if lease is in company's name?
In case the contract is in company’s name it is the company who pays the deposit and from this deposit possible damages are being subtracted. Then it is up to the company whether they are going to claim this damages to the transferee or not.


Would this be acceptable in your location?
In case it would be specified in the contract it could be arranged.


Basic Utilities (Water, Electricity, Land Telephone, Gas)
Can you legally assist with setting up installation or does transferee need to take care of this personally?
Majority of our clients do not have the electricity, water and gas bills under their own name. We generally recommend to have them under the landlrod’s name having the landlord take care of the payments to make sure something is not forgotten. It is always the landlord (the owner of the property) who remains on all contract with utility suppliers but assignees name can be quoted as the person who receives all communicational we may assist the client at such registration, both parties are though required to visit respective branch of individual companies and sign the change in the name of the registered person. Phone line procedure is similar and in general we do recommend our clients to have their phone line under their own name. The procedure is very short in case there is a change of the registered person but in case you are requiring a new line it may take a bit longer. Note: There is only one telecom company in Slovakia for individual clients so there is not much choice except T-Com.


Are utilities ever included in the lease? Under what circumstances are they included?
Yes, utilities might be included in the lease but is not usual. Utilities are included when short term lease is signed and it is hard to do utilities statement of account.


What are the requirements/documents needed to set up utilities – i.e. proof of residency needed?
Companies do require tenancy agreement and the presence of landlord.

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