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Are connections available in the majority of Hotels; Corporate accommodation/Serviced Apartments; Short & Long Term Housing?
In case of hotels it is available but usually certain fee is required to use the internet. In Short and Long term housing the internet is not available and needs to be arranged on the tenant’s behalf.


What is the situation in Short and Long Term housing with easy access or installation for High Speed Internet Access?

Internet is usually paid by transferee separately from the rent. There are almost no properties with internet connection already installed, in general the access is not complicated and all installation can be done within one day.

Cable or Satellite TV? The same as internet.

What is the procedure to connect services and approx how long before installation is completed High Speed Internet Access?

Depending on the location and type of connection available in the location it may be 1-3 weeks. 
Cable or Satellite TV? The same as internet. For cable TV in case it just needs to be plugged in and hard connection is already available it can even be 24 hours.

What are the approximate costs?  Is it legal for a third party to set up services?

Yes, third party can setup the service although it is necessary for the assignee to sign the contract personally. Installation may vary depending on the type of connection required starting from 30 EUR.
High Speed Internet Access? It depends of the quality of internet service, at least 30 EUR.
Cable or Satellite TV? The same as internet

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