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EU countries

Is it required for EU citizens to have any type of permission?

No, no work permit is required. Employer though must fill in a form and send it to the Labour Office to inform them that there is a foreigner working in the company. Simple registration at the Foreign Police is to be done as well. All foreigners, also EU must report to the Foreign Police within maximum 3 days from their arrival, in case they stay in the hotel, hotel usually makes this report.


What type of living permit can EU citizen get in Slovakia?

All EU citizens that register at the Foreign Police get Permanent Residence Permit wich is valid for 5 years.


Non EU countries

Is any report to Foreign Police needed after entering the country?

All foreigners must report to the Foreign Police within maximum 3 days from their arrival, in case they stay in the hotel, hotel usually makes this report. Also those foreigners who are here under any type of visa or are applying for residence permit.


Under what conditions can foreigner - from non EU country, work in Slovakia?

Non EU citizens must have Work and Residence Permit.


Is Working Permit sufficient or does Residence Permit procedure must follow?

Residence Permit must follow the Work Permit procedure. Residence Permit "validates" the working permit.


Is it possible to sign working contract in Slovakia without Work and Residence Permit?

Yes, it is possible to sign the contract. It is though possible to start working here legally only with valid Work and Residence Permit.


What if foreigner works here without having legal permission?

It is considered to be illegal for a foreigner to work here without a valid Work and ResidencePermit and both employee and employer can be punished. There is an Act No. 82/2005 Coll. on Illegal Employment that can punish the employer with a fine up to 1 million Slovak Crown and the employee up to 10 000,- Sk which is the least comparing to the fact that you may be asked to leave the country.


Is it possible to file for Residence Permit in Slovakia?

Depending on the country of origin the answer is following:

Yes, it is possible to do so for citizens of those countries who do not need visa to enter Slovakia.

For those country nationals who must have visa to enter our country first application must be done at the Slovak Embassy in home country. In case foreigner has temporary residence permit in different country, upon exemption, application can be done also at the Slovak Embassy in this country.


How long is the Work and Residence Permit valid?

Work Permit -1 year

Residence Permit -2 years  - or as long as the work permit or other supporting documentation.e.g. in case you only have housing for 6 months Foreign Police will issue Permit for this period.


How long does it take to get Work and Residence Permit issued?

Work Permit - maximum 30 days from the day of submission.

Residence Permit -Foreign Police in Slovakia has 90 days to issue the permit, if filed at the embassy, travels by diplomatic mail to Slovakia which takes additional2 weeks, .


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