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What are popular expatriate and international schools? (include websites if available)
International schools in Bratislava offer American, British or French curriculum and in all of them have students range from the age of 6 until 18 years old and also offer nursery curriculum. The most popular schools:
British International School www.bis.sk , QSI www.qsi.sk , A. Forel Elementary School www.aforel.com.
There are also several kindergartens for children from foreign families: Brilliant Stars, Wonderland – Kindergarten, Rainbow.


What are the most common challenges of placement in certain grades?
No special challenges,although it is necessary to check the vacancy and register as soon as possible as international schools are becoming increasingly popular even for locals.Eeven children who do not speak English well meet with sufficient support from the part of the international school.


Are local schools an option?  Are any of these English speaking?
There is one newly open Slovak-English elementary school Galileo www.galileoschool.sk.

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