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How can I get Slovak citizenship?

You must have Permanent Residency in Slovakia for 5 years, speak Slovak and have clear Criminal Record.


How can I get Permanent Residency in Slovakia?

There are several options, most common ones are:

- getting married to a Slovak citizen,

- having uninterrupted Temporary Permit (business/employment) for 10 years.

First permanent permit is issued for 3 years and then you must file for renewal.


My parents used to be Slovak citizens, am I automatically Slovak?

Depending on the conditions under which your parents lost their citizenship. In case you are able to provide all Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Current Citizenship Certificates for you and your parents procedure may be very simple. Since each case is very specific individual consultation would be required.


Under what conditions can I get Slovak Expat Card?

We recommend you to check following website http://www.gszs.sk/zakon70en.php where you can find the English version of the Law on Expatriate Slovaks and all the conditions.


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