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Relocation is the type of service being provided to foreigners moving to a new country. There is a wide range of services to be provided although there are some typical activities performed for almost each foreigner and his family individual approach is always required.


Below find brief specification of some of the relocation services we most commonly provide. We understand that each client has slightly different needs and have no problem preparing individual service package and quotation.


Home Finding

Upon your requirements we will preview and select properties for you to visit. Assist you at their visiting, arrange the lease contract and assist you with Protocols and Inventory upon moving in.

We will also keep you updated once lease extension or moving out would be required.


Settling in Support

Once you have your house/apartment there are still plenty things to be arranged such as phone and internet setup, cleaning lady to be arranged, babysitter for your children, bank account to be open, household insurance and many other issues. We may provide them individually or prepare specific package upon your needs.



Finding your way around fast will help you handle small things. Emergency room, doctors and specialists, fitness centres, video rentals, places to go shopping, eating and for leisure.


Preview Trip

Before you make decision to move to Slovakia with all your family it is good to come and see the place in person. Preview Trip will give you better idea about housing standard, living conditions, schooling options, healthcare system and safety in order to answer as many questions and relieve you from concerns you might have from moving into a new country.


Car Registration

Assistance at car selection, contract signing and purchase either through a regular car seller or leasing company. Assistance with Car Registration with respective authorities and with obtaining required insurances.


Spouse Assistance

Your wife and children are the most important people in the world. They must be happy and there are many ways to ease their transition. Simple things like grocery shoppping, searching for fitness centre or hairdresser suddenly may feel like problem without speaking Slovak. We make sure you get information and involvement into international community as soon as possible.


Departure Disconnect

Contract termination, arrangement of disconnection of phone, mobile, internet and other subscriptions. Utility settlement and deposit returns. Assistance at move out day protocol and inventory preparation. Arrangement of final cleanings and handovers.


House Purchase

Service very similar to Home Finding assistance with aim not to rent but purchase the property. We can assist at house/apartment search, selection, arranging the mortgage, home decoration etc.


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