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Business Relocation
Corporate HR support
Corporate HR support

It is our aim not only to support expatriate employees but to be useful for HR managers of Slovak or multinational companies. We are aware of the importance of international assignments and we provide our service in a manner that will please the assignees just as their HR managers.


We are glad to assist your HR department with


Overall Expatriate Agenda Management

We keep the track of all Leases signed for the assignee in the name of company, tracking their last dates, early terminations or extension.

We notify you about the need of renewals of Residence Permits or any of the contracts linked to your expatriates.

We make sure your HR has full information about what is requested for your employees to Work and Reside in Slovakia legally.


Regular Reporting

Our regular reports will provide you with information on the status of relocation services being provided for your expatriates. We will notify you in case there have been challenges or in case assignee is facing cultural shock or other problems that could make his/her life in Slovakia complicated. We will help you to better manage their expectations.


Management of Short Term Assignments

It is a global trend to use international assignees for shorter period of time. Their needs differ from needs of assignees moving with their families but there are still many things to be arranged and usually with less time to do so.

We are glad to assist your short term assignees with search for appropriate housing and provide tailored assistance for their short stay.  


Consultancy services in immigration area

Global companies have need to move their employees from all over the world for longer or shorter period of time. We ongoingly support our clients providing them with information about visa requirements for different country nationals finding the best solution how to bring their assignees in Slovakia.


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