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The most important part of your relocation is to find a perfect house/apartment. That is why it is important to have as much information about what is actually possible to be found on the market.   Although the standard is increasing every year and as you will find out, prices already reach western standard, not all houses are air conditioned and dryer is not considered to be the automatic part of the furnished property. On the other hand,  landlords are very flexible and
International schools in Bratislava offer American, British, French or German curriculum and all of them have range of students from age of 6 until 18 years old and also offer nursery curriculum.   British International School Bratislava Address: Peknikova 6, Bratislava IV. Curriculum: English No of students: 598, 40 nationalities Curriculum range: from nursery for 2 years old up to the age of 18 Comments:   www.bis.sk The school provides curriculum based on the English
Slovak healthcare is quite good although public hospitals do not always look very attractive as there is not too much money in the system for their reconstruction. In general the staff is very kind and everybody is trying to be helpful. Language knowledge varies and it does not depend from whether you go to private or public hospital. DoctorsDoctors that we would be recommending you do speak English, German or French. They are professionals with good references from foreigners and you should
FlyingIn case you need to fly you are no longer limited to use only Schwechat airport in Vienna. Bratislava Airport - Letisko M.R. Stefanika is becoming busier and there are regular  flights with Lufthansa, SkyEurope or Ryanair to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Paris, Zurich, Munich. Brussels and many other destinations.   Driving aroundAs far as you do not exceed 130 km/h speed limit on the highway and 50 in the village you will be safe. We have zero alcohol tolerance so you may get
Slovakia has become member of the EURO zone in 2009 (the Fixed Conversion Exchange rate was 1 EUR = 30,126 SKK)   How much is a….For better orientation in prices here is a list of the most frequent products families usually buy. Payment in supermarkets can be done by credit card or in cash. Please note, that most of the supermarkets still give out plastic bags for free, but there are some that charge.
Bratislava is a town of culture. You will definitely not get bored here unless you really want to. Slovak National Theatre – Opera and BalletBallets and Operas are on the schedule every evening from 7 p.m. with an exemption of summer break during July and August. Their website is bilingual and tickets are for reasonable prices.   Slovak Philharmonic OrchestraJust like at the Opera concerts start at 7 p.m. The building of the Orchestra is just across the National Theatre , so
International Women’s Club of Bratislava (IWCB) The best way to meet others is to join the IWCB and come for their Tuesday morning coffee that takes place every week at 10.00 a.m. at Hotel Crowne Plaza. The club has currently over 200 members and has many activities – so you can volunteer in organizing e.g. Christmas or Summer Bazaar or you can meet other mothers with children at regular playgroups.   Bratislava Accueil French Club launched its activity in November 2004 and
Whatever sport you do you can almost certainly continue with it once you move to Slovakia. Of course we have no sea or the ocean so you will be a  bit limited in case you like surfing but everything else is here. Fitness centre – most popular ones and newly equipped are Golem (in Aupark shopping centre) and InPuls (in National Tennis Centre). There are fitness centres for women only as well and along with a personal trainer they offer care for your children while you
Bratislava is a city where you can certainly enjoy your shopping. Stores have long opening hours and shopping centers are also open over weekends as well as on holidays. As in other towns, you can get wide range of products of world brands as well as typical Slovak products too. While the historic old town combines the most expensive international boutiques with tourist oriented souvenir shops, Slovaks usually spend more time in shopping centers offering different shops and facilities at one
The Slovak Spectator   www.slovakspectator.sk Green Pages    www.greenpages.skBritish International Schools www.bis.skQSI – American School   www.qsi.skForel Elementary School  www.aforel.comKindergarten  Brilliant Star www.brilliantstars.skSlovak National Theatre   www.snd.skNational Philharmonic Orchestra www.filharmonia.sk Modern Art Gallery   www.danubiana.sk International Women’s Club of
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