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What do you recommend to use as a safe mode of transportation to and from the airport?Taking a taxi is the easiest and the most comfortable way, but buses are also safe. There are two airports to go to Bratislava – you can go through Viena Schwechat airport and then you can get Eurolines bus to get to Bratislava or call a taxi. Another option is to arrive to Bratislava airport and either take a bus or also grab a taxi from airport.   Is there usually free transportation from
Are RENTAL cars readily available and who are the/your preferred vendors?Yes, there are several car rental companies located in Bratislava, we recommend international companies as Avis , Hertz, Rent a Car or Europcar.   Are there specific requirements for LEASING a car?Requirements depend on certain leasing company, but generally company requires confirmation of income and bank account statement as a warranty and proof of residency in Slovakia.  Leasing a car in Slovakia for a
Can a foreigner open a bank account?  Yes   Please confirm restrictions, requirements and documents needed i.e. passport, bank statement proof of residency, guarantee etc.Passport is needed to setup a basic account, majority of banks require residency registration to issue ATM card and provide Internet Banking. In general it is easy procedure and depending on the selected bank speaking English should not be an issue.   How long does it usually take to open/have access to
Is there anything special we need to know about  requirements associated with healthcare in your location? Slovak healthcare is quite good although public hospitals do not always look very attractive as there is not too much money in the system for their reconstruction. In general the staff is very kind and everybody is trying to be helpful. Language knowledge varies and it does not depend from whether you go to private or public hospital.Doctors that we are recommending do speak English,
Are corporate accommodations/serviced apartments readily available?  Yes   Or only short term leases for 3 – 6 month stay?Short term leases can be sometimes little bit complicated because landlords like to lease their properties for at least 1 year.   Both available?Yes.   Will landlords accept a standard company lease for Short and Long Term Leases?Yes, sometimes with small corrections e.g. payment of utilities.   Can the lease be signed out of
Are connections available in the majority of Hotels; Corporate accommodation/Serviced Apartments; Short & Long Term Housing?In case of hotels it is available but usually certain fee is required to use the internet. In Short and Long term housing the internet is not available and needs to be arranged on the tenant’s behalf.   What is the situation in Short and Long Term housing with easy access or installation for High Speed Internet Access? Internet is usually paid by
EU countries Is it required for EU citizens to have any type of permission? No, no work permit is required. Employer though must fill in a form and send it to the Labour Office to inform them that there is a foreigner working in the company. Simple registration at the Foreign Police is to be done as well. All foreigners, also EU must report to the Foreign Police within maximum 3 days from their arrival, in case they stay in the hotel, hotel usually makes this report.   What type of
What are popular expatriate and international schools? (include websites if available)International schools in Bratislava offer American, British or French curriculum and in all of them have students range from the age of 6 until 18 years old and also offer nursery curriculum. The most popular schools:British International School www.bis.sk , QSI www.qsi.sk , A. Forel Elementary School www.aforel.com.There are also several kindergartens for children from foreign families: Brilliant Stars,
Are cell phone services readily available in your location? What are the preferred vendors?Yes. There are only 3 mobile operators in Slovakia: T-Mobile, Orange and Telefonica (O2)   What is the usual process to obtain this service?Just signing the contract or buying the cell phone and prepaid credit for calling. For those transferees who do not have residency in the Slovak republic only rechargeable service is available, for those that have necessary registration it is possible to
Safety & SecurityWhat should we/transferees be aware of in regard to safety and security in your location?Slovakia is a safe country and crime rate is not so high.   Would you like to share any special tips?Some of our clients – especially those coming from U.S. are not used to locking the door on the house or garage. In Slovakia, although it is a safe place to live, everybody locks the door, we advise our clients to do so as
How can I get Slovak citizenship? You must have Permanent Residency in Slovakia for 5 years, speak Slovak and have clear Criminal Record.   How can I get Permanent Residency in Slovakia? There are several options, most common ones are: - getting married to a Slovak citizen, - having uninterrupted Temporary Permit (business/employment) for 10 years. First permanent permit is issued for 3 years and then you must file for renewal.   My parents used to be Slovak citizens, am I
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